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Welcome to the M Train, I am your host Morris Lewis. The website you see before you was a challenge from my Father. I remember in the summer we would debate politics almost every visit and he would always tell me that I should enter into that arena. I suggested to him on a visit that I would perhaps rather do that as a radio show host for political talk and he thought it was a wonderful idea.

My political commentary background is until 3 months after September 11th I was a liberal. The ideas in my head were not my own as I was raised that way by family that had come from Kentucky who were die hard Democrats. During the terror attacks of September 11th I would seek out different sources of news and information about world events and US happenings, it is on that quest that my life would change forever. During my research it was very obvious that I was not a liberal and did not believe in the parties ideas that I had been exposed to.

Finding my own beliefs it became entertaining to debate with my father and see if I could change his mind. Later in life he began to realize that a lot of his beliefs were conservative based and that the Democrat party was self serving and would say whatever it took to get elected. The irony of this is that in realizing that he also realized that both parties did the same and more or less became an independent conservative the same as I.

I am starting this path at a time in life later than I should. To date I am 39, a family man with the drive for debate and a passion to change minds and stances. Please feel free to reach out to me on our contact page with issues or topics you would like to hear us discuss at The M Train.

Thank you for reading,

Morris Lewis.