Trump Vs. the World!

Over the past few weeks many things are starting to take shape in United States policy from Trumps agenda on repealing the ACA being shot down to catching flack from the left on transgender persons serving in the military. Congress is in an August recess right now and the headlines are grim. War is on the horizon with the rogue nation of North Korea.

Estimates as to what this war will bring is up to 1 million people dead in 1 hour after the conflict starts. Let us turn the dial back in time to the George Bush era. George Bush was faced with one of the most difficult decisions in the history of a modern President the day the twin towers were destroyed. Mr. Bush knew that he had to make a bold statement to the world and stand up for the “American way of life”. The President had stated to Congress that we would invade the middle east because of weapons of mass destruction, terrorist networks that were gaining a stronghold in the region and finally to plant the seeds of democracy in the middle of tyranny. Bush knew this would be no easy fight and was very hesitant in making the decision to go to war.

Fast forward to the Obama years and you will notice the gains made under Bush were replaced with liberal empathy for our enemies. President Obama went on numerous apology tours, bowed to Saudi kings and let the world know that liberal peace meant more to his administration by setting withdraw dates from the countries we had made progress in. During these times Obama was sending a clear message to regimes such as North Korea that the United States no longer had the teeth leftover from a “real commander and chief”. Rogue nations started to ramp up rhetoric and embolden their stances against the United States. ISIS became a factor in the world and nations such as North Korea were allowed by the Obama administration the time, finances and capacities to harden their militaries and create more WMD’s such as a nuclear weapon. Iran was given a pass on producing a nuclear weapon the same as North Korea and now we are facing Kim Jong Un that is willing to use these devices to harm others as will Iran very soon.

As it stands today China is swearing to remain neutral unless we act first which puts the United States in a tough spot. Many of our allies around the globe including Japan are backing our position. During these times everyone is wondering do we let this maniac fire his first missile toward Guam and chance not being able to shoot it down? This will only embolden other rogue nations like Iran to attack us if we miss. Do we continue on the path with diplomacy that has not worked over the past 8 years or do we strike first?

One thing is for sure, this is a real threat to our nation and our security. Donald Trump has emboldened the average voter and the patriotic mood of what the United States stands for. The question remains if push comes to shove and the Donald acts will the rest of “America” support these actions? I personally feel that while facing China backlash it will be best to let North Korea flinch first but god help the President if we cannot defend against this attack.

This decision will be the toughest of any President yet to date including the Bush era. This authors belief is that however this plays out the deaths around the globe and to United States soldiers will be on the hands of Obama. The failed ideology from the Obama era of “turn your head” global diplomacy that emboldened these rogue nations over the last 8 years is what has lead us to this point. When this moment in history arises which side will you be on? In that exact moment it will not be a liberal time or a conservative time it will simply be a crisis of humanity and we will all have to stand together good or bad.

Morris M. Lewis (The M Train)