The DNC just can’t figure it out.

The Democrats keep passing the blame to others for their loss of the election. Click below to read the story from Fox.

Story at Fox News.

If they wanted to have a real conversation they should look at total loss of seats in the political arena. Russia hacking, James Comey or fake news had little to do with the defeat. To the voter it was the content that mattered not the method and they need to “self analyze” instead of pointing fingers.

Guccifer : hacker says Russia innocent!

The legendary hacker Guciffer has stated he does not believe that the Russia hacked the Democrat Campaign. In his statement to Fox News he said he believes this is made up and a left over hysteria from the cold war. Click the link below to read more.

Julian Assange has stated to Hannity in a separate interview that Russia was not the source of the leaked Podesta emails. This narrative is contrary to the Obama Administrations stance on Russian Hacking. Will we find out where and who did this? Does it even matter? It is my belief that the information leaked exposed the Democratic Party for bigotry, racism and lies that match Hillary Clinton’s power hungry political life.

The M Train.